Notice to Members – COVID-19 Update May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect how members shop our store even as we start to emerge from the early days of the virus outbreak. Customers are buying bigger orders, shop less frequently and are shifting the mix of categories within their baskets.

We have also been forced to make many changes to our offers as we adapt to the crisis. We have had to reduce assortments, change what we promote, and adapt daily to supply constraints by limiting purchase quantities on selected products. Manufacturers continue to rationalize their assortment, shift from a just-in-time delivery process based on sales history to mass producing a limited assortment and distributing to all grocery channels on a pro-rated basis. As of today, there were close to 300 items not available from the warehouses we draw from. Manufacturers also face the same staff challenges as grocery retailers: smaller workforce, raw material shortages, reduced hours and complying with new regulations to keep everyone safe.

Through all these changes, one thing remains certain. We need to remain vigilant on following our guidelines.

These are our top 3 concerns:

  • Maintain your social distance of 6 feet
  • Follow the directional arrows on the floor
  • Please be as efficient as possible with your time in the store so we can maintain a good traffic flow at the cash registers.

Our staff has been very resilient through this ordeal, they have received incredible support from the community, everyone appreciates their perseverance and dedication. In return they rely on you for one thing, do not become complacent. We anticipate most of the extra controls will remain in place until a vaccine is available.

You will notice some construction work underway over the next several weeks. We will be paving our north and south gravel parking lots. Along with the Credit Union, we are resurfacing our main parking lots. The south parking lot needed some stone reinforcing along the bank, this is being done this week.

Our annual meeting is postponed indefinitely & we will schedule one once the province allows us to hold public meetings. Our year-end financial statements are delayed as well; we expect our auditors to have them completed in the month of June.

Stay healthy,

David MacDonald