Notice to Members – Dividends & Hours of Operation

July 3, 2020

Dear Members,

Our Annual Meeting is normally held in May; it was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions. Since we were unable to give you an updated financial and activity report, the Board of Directors has decided to announce that a 5% patronage dividend will be distributed this summer. You will receive an equity statement in the mail in the next few days. On behalf of the Board of Directors, they want to thank everyone for their support during the year and they look forward to providing a full report as soon as it is permissible.

Our hours of operation have changed for the summer months:

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday               9am-6pm

Thursday & Friday                                     8am-8pm

Saturday                                                    9am-5pm

We are no longer reserving the first hour for Seniors and immune compromised only although we recommend you continue to use the first hour for your time to shop. The store is freshly sanitized and cleaned for your use.

We urge all our members to continue to follow our social distancing guidelines. We understand everyone is being inconvenienced but we all must remain vigilant in keeping the virus from spreading in the busy summer season.

Thank you,

David MacDonald