Notice to Members – COVID-19 Update

April 15, 2020

We would like to remind our members of the following safety precautions due to the COVID-19 virus.

  • Follow directional arrows throughout the aisles.
  • Stand on the floor markers at the cash registers
  • Assign one person per family to come in the store
  • Limit frequent trips to the store
  • Limit your time in the store
  • Respect social distancing rules of six feet
  • We will limit the number of customers in the store if needed
  • Use debit or credit cards as much as possible
  • Immune compromised and senior shopping hour from 8-9am daily
  • Each customer must take a shopping cart with them no matter how many items you are picking up. This allows more room to gauge social distance. We have removed the hand baskets from service.
  • If Customers intend to wear gloves, you must put on a fresh pair before you begin your shopping; do not enter store with previously worn gloves from your home or vehicle.


Product and Service Updates

  • Product shortages are occurring on an ongoing basis, we reserve the right to limit quantities on certain products. Manufacturers are now ramping up production for high movement items and have stopped producing slower sellers. This will result in less selection in numerous categories. Our service levels from our supplier warehouses range between 60 to 75%. We are unable to order excess inventory, so we ask everyone to limit there purchases to normal household requirements and allow the supply system to catch up to the demand.
  • Atlantic Lottery sales are temporarily suspended.
  • New hours on Thursday and Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • We are currently unable to take on any new requests for grocery delivery orders.

We currently have staff shortages in several departments; if you are available, please inquire to see how you can help us through the next several weeks or months.

We have put these measures in place for the safety of our staff and our communities. Our staff is fully committed to ensure we keep our store safe and clean. The encouragement and appreciation they have received from everyone has given them the incentive to work through very difficult conditions.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

We are all in this together, help flatten the curve.

David MacDonald